It’s a simple fact that having a functional AED in the workplace and knowing how to use it saves lives. Establishing a corporate AED program compliant with state and federal laws and reporting requirements doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right tools in place. Single Source Health and Safety can streamline this process for you through with our ReadyTeam Pro™ online AED program management software, ReadyTeamMD™ medical direction services, and the AED Law Center™ (by Readiness Systems).

With ReadyTeam Pro™ you will never have to worry that you AED program is in compliance with state and federal requirements.  Our software will assure that your AED program remains in a state of operational readiness.

Complicated AED Requirements Made Simple

AED program requirement vary widely from state to state. What makes things even more confusing is that many websites, including those of other national AED distributors provide inaccurate information related to state AED requirements. Where can you find a reliable source of information on AED program regulations? Single Source Health & Safety is that single source.

In addition to the complex operational requirements, many states mandatory requirements for certain types of businesses to have an AED program. For example, in Florida, fitness centers must have an AED. In North Carolina, dentists performing procedures on patients under conscious sedation or general anesthesia are required to have an AED. Other states have additional requirements. It can get downright confusing—but it doesn’t have to be!

Your trusted AED program advisors at Single Source Health & Safety understand the current AED laws and can tell you exactly what is required in your state or field of work. Let us answer any questions you have regarding comprehensive AED program

An employee in sudden cardiac arrest has a 5% chance of survival without an AED and a 50% - 80% chance of survival with an AED.

AED Maintenance and Compliance Made Easy

Our industry-leading AED program management software, ReadyTeam Pro™, makes tracking and reporting of AED compliance, monthly inspections, and maintenance of equipment easy. Never miss a scheduled AED maintenance again, ensuring expiring batteries and pads are replaced to maintain AED operational readiness.

Don’t worry about inaccurate and conflicting information online related to AED program requirements. Single Source has partnered with the leading source of complete and accurate information on the legal requirements of corporate AED programs – the AED Law Center™.